Get Scrapbooking to a New Level – 3D Cards

If you are an avid scrapbooker, you probably use any chance you get to send all your loved ones some cards. Be it a birthday, or Easter or Christmas or even a small celebration, you always put two and two together and send a little something-something in your loved ones’ mails. Cards are always well received, but placing them in an envelope and mailing them is no longer the best way to treat your family.

Technology has advanced so much and if movies can now be seen in 3D, so can cards! Yes, it is true. You can now make all your cards in 3D. All you need to do is gather all the things you need and start gluing them up. For instance, if you want to make a Christmas card, you need to get a red cardstock. Then, make sure you give the card the shape you desire by folding it and cutting it to get the form you want. Then, get some green paper, cut it in triangles and glue it to the card. Two of them stick to the card and other two come out in the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, with a piece of brown paper, place the base of the Christmas tree. Make sure the piece of paper fits well the design.

Make sure you add all your best wishes and sentiments at the bottom of the card. This new way of wishing someone a Merry Christmas is very effective and all you have to do is give this wonderful Christmas card to one of your loved ones. It has a great effect and it is unusual and better than the traditional cards. Now that you know how to make such a 3D card, make sure you have the things you need and start experiencing with your own ideas. You will be amazed at how wonderful these cards can look.

How About the Adhesives?

For those who know a thing or two about scrapbooking, they know that adhesives are the most important things that keep the work together. Without the proper adhesive, things may get a bit nasty.

If you have a history of scrapbooking, you know that for different layouts, you need different types of adhesives. You would not want your family memories to simply come off and lose them all around the place, now would you? The time when glue and rubber were the only things that could keep your scrapbooks intact, but those times are now long gone, with all the technology available today. There are now safe adhesives, double-sided tapes, liquids and pastes and they are all on the market to help you make your scrapbook experience better!

All you have to do is know a few things about these adhesives, because, as mentioned above, there are certain types that go with certain layouts. The first and most important thing you should know is that acids do not go well with photographs. Given that photos have acid in them which is used for processing, it is a well known fact that the acid in certain adhesives does not do anything but harm the photos in time. In order to make sure you do not meet with these problems, make sure you look for words such as “pH neutral,” Acid-free” and even for the “CK OK” seal. This seal gives you the certainty that the product has been tested by Creating Keepsakes and that it is acid free and thus, ready to be used in your scrapbooks.

Furthermore, you should make sure you feel comfortable with the adhesive you are using, as there are so many types. There are wet and dry adhesives, permanent or temporary. When you go shopping for your scrapbooking supplies, make sure you chose the one that suits your and your scrapbook album’s needs the best.

Get Ready for Scrapbooking: Supplies Needed

Let’s say you have heard about scrapbooking and you found the idea so interesting that you decided to make your own, personal scrapbook. Let’s see what you need in order to get started.

First of all, you should get an album, which is actually the most important thing when starting a scrapbook. The album can be in any size and shape you desire and it can have the color patterns that interest you the most.

Secondly, you must get refill pages for the album. The scrapbook can get bigger and space is very important, that is why you should make sure that when you buy your album, you also ask the shop person to give you a few packs of refill papers, in order to make sure that they are the same size as the album. It will spare you some good time looking for refill papers once you are out of space.

Thirdly, you should make sure that you have a good pair of scissors. Make sure that the scissors feel comfortable in your hand, as you will have to use them quite frequently. Also, you should use this pair of scissors only for scrapbooking, so you know you’ll always have it on hand, whenever you may need it.

Then, you should buy adhesive. There are many different types of adhesives and you should make sure that the one you pick works for you. Given that there are so many different types, you will not have a problem in finding exactly the type you need.

After you have purchased all the above items, you should go looking for patterned papers and cardstocks. You should make sure that you select the type of paper which will go well with your photos. The best thing you can do is to turn to your local scrapbook store, so you can check on everything they have related to this item.

Finally, make sure you have journal pens. When you go shopping for them, make sure they are acid-free, permanent pens with very fine tips. If you also look to write the titles on your scrapbook, you should look for a pen that at one end has a fine tip and at the other, a wider tip. You can find them either at your local scrapbook store or in any bookshop.

What is Scrapbooking, Really?

Scrapbooking is one of the most famous methods people use to preserve their family and personal history and it is one of the favorite pastime practices in the United States. Memorabilia include printed media, photographs and artworks and scrapbook albums are usually decorated and most of the time, they contain extensive journaling.

Although there are more traditional ways of scrapbooking, given the technology nowadays, there are many people who have turned to digital scrapbooking, as they find it easier. There are so many softwares which allow people to create their own personal scrapbook and save it to their computer, that most people (especially teenagers) turn to it instead of using the more traditional methods. However, there traditional scrapbooking method is still in trend. Plus, the entire thing has turned into a serious industry, as there are many manufacturers of scrapbooking supply that actually sell these things.

Aside of the fact that scrapbooking helps people preserve their most valuable memories, it also helps them connect to each other. There is an entire community of scrapbookers who get together at each other’s home or scrapbooking conventions in order to be able to share their favorite hobby with other people. What these people do is share their ideas on the topic, while also having a good time interacting with each other.

Scrapbooking is very famous nowadays and if you have not thought about making your own scrapbook, you should really consider the idea, as it will help you preserve the most beautiful memories you have with your family and friends.